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1.  BUYERS DON’T KNOW FLORIDA BUYER BROKER NEVER LIST SELLERS PROPERTY FOR SALE. Buyers who choose FLORIDA BUYER BROKER will never have a conflict of interest between the buyer and the seller.   

2.  REAL ESTATE BUYERS CALL THE SELLERS AGENT DIRECTLY.  Those buyers end up being intimidated into not doing inspection or due diligence. The end up buying toxic Chinese drywall, foreclosure properties with potential title issues, flooded properties with mold issues or inadvertently participating in short sale fraud.  Some loose money via intricate internet scams in which real estate agents may also be involved.  Buying a property site unseen could also mean your deposit money is going someplace it will never be seen again.        

3.  BUYERS DON’T KNOW THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FLORIDA BUYER BROKER’S COMMISSION.  FLORIDA BUYER BROKER accepts the shared commission offered to all cooperating agents in the purchase transaction by the seller’s listing agent.

Home builders and builders in developments with new homes and condos compensate a buyer broker to help buyers with new property purchases. There is no double commission, “trick” or “catch” to FLORIDA BUYER BROKER services.  Other brokers may have additional cost besides the seller’s shared commission for buyer services.

4.   BUYERS DON’T KNOW FLORIDA BUYER BROKER HAS AN OUTSTANDING REPUTATION.  Buyers benefit from the prestige and high standard of services FLORIDA BUYER BROKER is known to deliver to buyers.  Other agents are confident when they know the buyer’s side of the transaction is professionally guide by FLORIDA BUYER BROKER, Beverly Howe.  

5.   FLORIDA LAW ASSUMES ALL BUYERS KNOW the broker or agent they contact is working as a Transaction Broker who does NOT represent them.  No written disclosure is required when the associate does NOT represent the buyer.  When a real estate agency is going to represent the buyer only, this is known as Single Agency.  Single Agency Buyer Brokerages are required to provide confidentiality and undivided loyalty along with other Fiduciary Duties, required by Florida laws,  to the buyer and not the seller.  The transaction broker has almost no liability in the transaction.  A transaction associate cannot provide information which would be detrimental to either party.  You may hear them saying “I can’t say,” repeatedly, when you ask them a question.  The Single Agent Notice is a form created by the State of Florida.  There is a copy of the ONE PAGE Single Agent Notice form on my homepage menu, it has NO option to switch back and forth from buyer’s agent to Transaction associate. The Single Agent Notice is a statement of facts, it is not a contract.  Single Agent Notice is required to be given to the buyer before showing any property.  Transaction Associates are not required to make ANY disclosure to the buyer or seller. Finding out your agent doesn’t represent you is like finding out there is no Santa Claus! 

6. ANY AGENT CAN SAY THEY ARE A BUYERS AGENT and have an  Accredited Buyer’s Representative designation.  Most Accredited Buyer’s Representatives  also list sellers property for sale.  Should you become interested in one of their listings or any of their offices listings they must change back to a Transaction Broker who no longer can represent you.  Only a Single Agency buyer brokerage, which does not list homes for sale,  can assure the buyer they will obtain full confidentiality, undivided loyalty and representation through out their real estate purchase.

7.  THE SELLERS AGENT MUST TELL THE SELLER EVERYTHING THEY KNOW ABOUT YOU, THE BUYER.  Buyers don’t realize everything they say about their financial ability, motivation to buy or other confidential information, may be told to the seller by the sellers listing agent who is NOT required to disclose to the buyer that they do not represent the buyer.  The sellers agent can represent the seller only or can be a Transaction Broker who does not represent anyone.  Either way the sellers agent never owes the buyer confidentiality or undivided loyalty like the Single Agency buyer broker does.

8.  IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA, ONLY A BUYER BROKER OR BUYERS AGENT CAN LEGALLY NEGOTIATE FOR THE LOWEST PRICE FOR THE BUYER.  The  buyer broker must take care of the buyer’s best interest throughout the transaction, including keeping the buyer’s financial information and motivation to buy confidential.  The  buyer broker and  buyers agent has genuine liability in the real estate purchase transaction.  They will be more diligent when protecting the buyers best interest in the real estate purchase transaction.  The transaction broker has very limited liability.

9.  THE BUILDER’S AGENT NEVER REPRESENTS THE BUYER.  All builders have a real estate commission included in the price of their properties which also compensates a buyer broker or buyers agent.  In Florida, builders do not sell a property for less if the buyers do not use the services of a buyer broker or buyers agent. Builders rely on real estate agents to bring them buyers.  And they need their properties to appraise consistently.

 All builder contracts say, “You cannot rely upon the verbal representations made by their agents or representatives.”  Builders’ contracts may have 70 to 100 or more pages.  Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker, knows what questions to ask and what clauses to look for when accompanying the buyer to the builder or new development.  Builder’s contracts are written to, by and for the builder’s best interest and can not be changed.   Often a buyer is pressured by the builders associates to make their offer when lot selections are limited, pricing changes are pending or incentives are expiring.  The ability to make a quick purchase decision based upon the high level of trust and market expertise which is offered to Florida Buyer Broker buyer clients can save the buyers thousands!

10. MANY BUYERS GIVE UP THEIR RIGHT TO WORK WITH A BUYERS BROKER  when they go to the builder without an their buyer broker on their initial visit.  All Builders have time limits which will allow you to change agents or come back with a different agent after a period of time. FLORIDA BUYER BROKER accompanies the buyers on all visits to the builder is to help the buyer make the best buying decision.

11.  BUYERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF A BUYER BROKER AGREEMENT.  The buyer broker agreement is a document which protects the buyers agent or buyer broker NOT the buyer.  A written buyer broker agreement does NOT mean the associate is going to represent the buyers.  The associate may include a “Single Agent to Transaction Broker” disclosure.  This gives the associate the right to  switch from a buyer’s agent to a Transaction associate.   The Buyer Broker Agreement or Buyer Broker Contract commits the buyer to work with the associate for a period of time and commits the buyer to paying any difference is commission which is agreed upon between the buyer and the associate.  So, the buyer will pay the balance of any percentage agreed upon which is not collected through the cooperating commission or builder compensation to the brokerage.  A Buyer Broker Agreement may also say the buyer is obligated to pay a flat fee on top of the amount the brokerage will collect for the commission by cooperating with other brokers.  Some brokers require a retainer fee upfront.  Florida Buyer Broker does NOT use a Buyer Broker Agreement or Buyer Broker Contract.  We accept the amount of compensation which is offered to buyer brokers through the cooperation of the MLS listing and by builders.  Most for sale by owners have a real estate broker commission included in their asking price and will pay the buyer broker to help the buyer close the buyer’s side of the sale.

12.  AUCTIONS INCLUDE BROKER COMMISSIONS WHETHER THE BUYER WORKS WITH A BUYER BROKER OR NOT.  Auctions are a marketing strategy used to sell the most undesirable properties. Usually a property which could not be sold otherwise.  It is a great way to sell a property with toxic Chinese Drywall or mold on line to buyers who are not aware of the extent of these problems in the US.  Most auction properties include an additional percentage to be paid on top of the winning bid price by the buyer.  Seller’s agents maybe auctioneers, or they may contract their sellers listings with an auctioneer.    Typically, a real estate commission is included in the final action purchase price whether the buyer works with a real estate agent or not. Some auction properties require the buyer to pay for a title search and home inspection before they bid on an auction property. All auctions are not the same. 

13.  SOME AGENTS ONLY SHOW THEIR OWN LISTINGS. FLORIDA BUYER BROKER will show you all the best properties which meet your criteria. There is no ulterior motive to sell you any particular listing.  All properties are shown objectively.  As your  buyer broker, Beverly Howe, commits quality time to helping buyer clients make the best real estate decisions with confidence.  Beverly Howe’s buyer agency is built on “happy buyer relationships.” 

14.  BUYERS JUST “SHOW UP” AT A REAL ESTATE OFFICE and don’t realize it can take 24 hours or more to make appointments to show properties. Time is required for an  buyers agency to research the best real estate options for each buyer and to gain access for showings.

15.  BUYERS NEED A PRE-APPROVAL LETTER NOT A PRE-QUALIFICATION from a bank or lender. Today almost every transaction requires a pre-approval letter or financial statement to be submitted with the buyer’s offer.  I advise my clients on the best strategies to keep their financial ability confidential while they meet the seller’s agents request for financial disclosure.  Making a loan application via the internet is the reason why seller’s agents will no longer accept just any pre-approval letter obtained online.  Many foreclosure banks require a pre-qualification by their selected mortgage broker before they will allow an offer to be submitted for consideration.  Your transaction will go quicker and more smoothly when using a bank or a lending agency local to where you are purchasing in Florida.   If you work with a big financial institution ask for a local referral in Florida.

16.  BUYERS RENT FOR MONTHS OR A YEAR BEFORE PURCHASING.  Renting could make a difference of tens of thousands of dollars in the purchase price, quality and location of the property a year from now.  I help my buyer clients find the best properties in the best location for the best price and terms.  You will have enough information and confidence to make a timely decision to purchase.  FLORIDA BUYER BROKER will help you make a smooth transition from the sale of one home into another.  This will save the you the cost and effort of two moves and the expense of a long rental period before you buy.

17.  MANY CONSUMERS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE TERM SHORT SALE MEANS.  There is more information on this topic and Short Sale Fraud on the menu bar of this homepage.  Most often a buyer is lured into a short sale transaction by the unrealistically low listed price of a property.  Most short sales become no sales after 9 to 10 months and many end up in a two year foreclosure process in Florida.  There is a considerable about of Short Sale fraud by sellers and real estate agents  cheating the banks out of equity via a relative or friend buying and flipping to an unsuspecting buyer. 

18.  BUYERS MAY NOT KNOW THAT BANKS LIST THEIR REO (FORECLOSURE) PROPERTIES WITH REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN THE REALTOR MLS.  All  brokers and agents have access to the same listings of foreclosure information thru the MLS date base systems.  Agents who advertise List of Foreclosures do not typically have any kind of special relationship with the foreclosure banks.  See the links on my homepage “Foreclosures” and “Buyer Beware” for more details on these types of properties.

19.  THE MISCONCEPTION THAT A “FOR SALE BY OWNER” MUST BE A BETTER DEAL IS NOT TRUE IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA.  Often, these sellers are asking more than market value for their property or they may be involved in fraudulent bait and switch scams if the properties are advertised on the internet as for rent or for sale by owners.  There are more and more con artist posing as owners and taking large deposits from buyers on homes, vacation rentals and vacant lots then disappearing.  Beware on any transaction which is to be completed entirely via the internet or seems to good to be true or if you find the same property listed by a REALTOR at a higher price on the internet.  Today the State of Florida’s biggest problem with fraud is unlicensed real estate activity. Many internationals are claiming to be licensed agents under the guise of a partnership in an LLC, which does not give them the legal right to sell or rent real estate which belongs to others.  Although, internet real estate bait and switch scams seem to be coming into their “glory days!”  FYI these scammers are completely out of the jurisdiction of local authorities to do anything to try to help you get your money back!

20FORECLOSURES – these properties usually have problems with disrepair and non-disclosed defects and bidding contingencies.  There maybe title issues and unpaid liens that convey with the property. Florida foreclosure courts have been nick named rock dockets, because of the lack of consideration to home owners by judges at their slam dunk foreclosure hearings.  Angry property owners often do significant and intentional damage to properties when they leave.

21.  SOME BUYERS’ THINK THEY CAN OBTAIN ALL THE INFORMATION THEY NEED VIA THE INTERNET AND THE SELLER’S AGENT.  FLORIDA BUYER BROKER works closely with buyers prior to their arrival to search for property. Many will study the tax information, seller’s court house records, and community fees in detail for months prior to their arrival.   Some buyers prepare excel sheet to compare properties.  Most buyers find the homes THEY selected on the internet and did so much research on are NOT what they expected once we view them.

Florida Buyer Broker researches properties based upon decades of professional experience in the Florida real estate market.  Preliminary phone calls and communications with buyers help determine your wants and needs and are very important. Some buyers will send an agenda of homes they want to view on their visit to Florida. As your buyer broker I will work diligently to find you the home,  condominium or property you desire and negotiate for the best price and terms for you.  Advanced scheduling is required to obtain my specialized buyer broker services.

When you are considering making one of the largest investment of your life call Beverly Howe first!  

Other REALTORS® have confidence in buyers who obtain the services of  Florida Buyer Broker a Single Agent Buyers Agency.   Florida Buyer Broker is compensated by the shared commission offed to buyer’s brokers in the purchase transaction.

I have served Southwest Florida real estate buyers in Florida with Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, Skill and Expertise since 1981.

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