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What is the Rescission Period for a Florida New Home Contract

Single Family New Home Contracts

The Florida new home contract has no rescission period. This fact is worth repeating; there is NO rescission period for resale single family home contracts or new homes contracts in Florida.

New Condominium Contracts

Contracts to purchase condominiums are different for new condominiums and resale condominiums.

Florida Buyer Broker helps you Find the Best Florida New Homes and Negotiates the Best Price and Terms on your New Home contract.

Buyers looking for new condominiums or new homes in Florida from builders may obtain the services of Florida Buyer Broker to help them with their Florida new home purchase. The price of the new properties includes real estate commissions to all cooperating real estate licensees, including buyer brokers. New home contracts can be over 75 pages long. Florida Buyer Broker helps the buyers understand the builders contract and the buyers obligations. All builders contracts have a statement which says: Buyer can not rely upon verbal representations made by the builders representative. The builders representative never represents the buyers best interest, they work for the builder!

Appraisals of Florida New Homes and Condominiums must be Consistent

It is important for new homes and new condominiums to appraise consistently. There are many new developments in Florida. Builders need real estate brokers to bring their buyers to their developments. Many builders list their new homes and developments in real estate database listing services. The builder may give incentives to buyers to generate more sales. Those incentives have nothing to do with whether there is a real estate broker helping the buyer.

Florida New Homes Price Reductions and Incentives

Many builders built new homes based on speculation. The builders is speculating a buyer will purchase the new completed home. These homes are called spec homes. To meet their sales targets, some builders offer price reductions and incentives for these finished homes. The price depends on how many sales they make and how much the cost of construction increases during the building process. The builders pass this cost on to the buyer. The builders prices are not fixed until the have a signed new home contract. Try to schedule your trip to shop new homes in the middle of the month. Most price increase and incentives change the 1st of the month.

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