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When making one of the most significant financial investments of your life, choosing the right real estate agent is crucial. Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker, is a dedicated professional who will advocate for your best interests throughout the entire home buying process.

Why Choose Florida Buyer Broker?

Florida Buyer Broker is a Single Agency firm, meaning they exclusively represent buyers, unlike many real estate offices that list properties for sale. This ensures that your interests are always prioritized.

Florida Buyer Broker is a Single Agency firm, meaning they exclusively represent buyers, unlike many real estate offices that list properties for sale. This ensures that your interests are always prioritized.

Beverly Howe: Your Trusted Buyer Broker

With over 20 years of experience, Beverly Howe is a highly knowledgeable and experienced buyer broker. She is passionate about helping buyers find their dream homes and will tirelessly negotiate on your behalf to secure the best possible price and terms.

Single Agency: Your Guarantee of Unwavering Representation

P4: When you work with Florida Buyer Broker, you receive the Single Agent Notice, a written disclosure that outlines the 9 fiduciary duties they owe to you as their buyer client. This includes confidentiality, loyalty, obedience, accounting, dealing honestly, skill, care, and diligence, presenting all offers and counteroffers, and disclosing all known facts.

Buyer Beware: Understanding Transaction Brokers

Transaction brokers represent both the buyer and the seller in a real estate transaction. This can lead to conflicts of interest, as the broker may not be able to fully advocate for either party. Florida Buyer Broker never acts as a transaction broker, ensuring that your interests are always their top priority.

The Florida Buyer Broker Difference

Florida Buyer Broker provides a comprehensive range of services to buyers, including:

  • Property search and evaluation
  • Negotiation on your behalf
  • Assistance with financing and closing
  • Expert advice on all aspects of the home buying process

Call 1-800-283-7393 or 1-239-601-2013 today to schedule your free buyer consultation with Beverly Howe, Florida Buyer Broker.

Remember, you deserve the best representation when buying a home. Choose Florida Buyer Broker and experience the difference.

How to Know if a Real Estate Agent is Working for Your Best Interest

Most Florida real estate offices do not offer Single Agency to buyers because they also list properties for sale. When representing only the buyer, the buyer broker is required to disclose this in writing by providing the buyer with a Single Agent Notice. This must be done before showing a property or before the first meeting. It is the only way a Florida buyer can be sure they will be represented in the sale.

Many Florida real estate offices have hundreds or even thousands of licensees working under the broker. These large companies often shy away from the liability that comes with representing hundreds of buyers and sellers through their office. Transaction brokers, on the other hand, have limited liability. One large company even instructs their agents to say, “I can’t say,” when asked a question that could potentially jeopardize their position.

A transaction associate often asks the buyer to sign a Single Agent Notice and a Transaction Broker Disclosure at the same time. If the buyer expresses interest in any of the transaction broker’s office listings, the associate can switch back and forth from representing the buyer as a Single Agent to acting as a Transaction Associate. Transaction associates do not represent the buyer or seller exclusively.

Transaction Brokerage is not the same as Dual Agency. Dual agency occurs when the broker represents both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction. Dual Agency is illegal in the State of Florida.

Florida Buyer Broker will never ask you to change your buyer broker relationship with them to transaction broker. With Florida Buyer Broker, there is never a bait-and-switch from Single Agency to Transaction Brokerage.

The #1 Mistake Florida Buyers Make

The biggest mistake Florida buyers make is assuming that a real estate licensee automatically represents them as a buyer’s agent. This is not always the case, and it is crucial to understand the different types of representation before entering into any agreements.

Buyer Broker Agreements and Contracts

In Florida, a Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract is not the document that guarantees the buyer will be represented. It is only the Single Agent Notice Disclosure that provides the buyer with written assurance that they will be represented exclusively by the buyer broker and their buyer agents.

Florida Buyer Broker does not typically use a buyer broker agreement or contract unless there is a specific reason why the buyer wants such a contract. This is because:

  • Buyer Broker Agreements or Contracts are primarily written to protect the real estate broker. They often state a minimum commission to be received by the buyer broker, which may be obtained from the seller’s listing broker. Sometimes, the commission amount paid by the listing office is less than the amount agreed upon between the buyer and buyer broker in the Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract. Consequently, the buyers may have to pay the difference per the Buyer Broker Agreement or Contract. Once signed, there is little motivation for some Buyer Brokers to reduce the commission later during negotiations.
  • What is the point of committing the buyer to a payment arrangement that does not necessarily include a commitment for representation from the broker? What is the point of committing the buyer to pay any portion of a commission based on a purchase price without knowing the price of the property? How much time does it take to find a property? Why limit the time it takes to find a property by pressuring the buyer to make such an important decision based on the timeframe in a Buyer Broker Agreement? And if a buyer wants to cancel the Buyer Broker Agreement, there is nothing tangible to keep the buyer tied to a Buyer Broker Agreement, except in some cases a nominal retainer fee.

Florida Buyer Broker believes in fair and transparent dealings with their clients. They don’t want to commit the buyer or their brokerage to something that is unfair to any party to the sale.

Accredited Buyer’s Representative

Accredited Buyer’s Representative is a designation offered by the REALTOR® organization. Agents who hold this designation have completed specific training and education focused on buyer representation. However, it is important to note that these agents may also list seller’s properties and may need to switch back and forth from a buyer’s agent to a transaction associate who can no longer represent the buyer.

For more information and a list of 21 Things Buyers Need to Know, call Florida Buyer Broker at 1-800-283-7393.

About Florida Buyer Broker and Beverly Howe

Florida Buyer Broker is a Single Agency real estate firm dedicated to providing exclusive representation to buyers in Florida. Their team of experienced professionals, led by Beverly Howe, is committed to helping buyers find and purchase their dream homes at the best possible price and terms.

Beverly Howe is a dynamic career real estate professional with several decades of real estate knowledge and experience. She specializes in assisting buyers of all types, including first-time home buyers, luxury real estate buyers.




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